Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hello, Fiona here. For this post I thought I'd share the invitations I made for my daughter's upcoming birthday.

When I'm making invitations I create a card making "production line" of sorts. I break the card making process down into smaller tasks. The little jobs needed to create these invitation were as follows:
  1. I printed the party details on one side of the card and the party line (em+friends+13=party time) on the other side of the card.
  2. Then I took all the cards and folded them. This may seem like a simple job, but when there's 20 plus cards to be made, I made this a separate little job and this was a great job to do while watching the Olympics on TV one night.
  3. Next I cut thin strips of paper and had the different coloured strips in their own bundle.
  4. Sewing time! I set myself up at my sewing machine with my pile of cards next to me, my bundles of paper strips and sewed the strips across the cards. I would sew several cards at one time without breaking my sewing. As I came to the end of one card, I would just feed the next card through the sewing machine. This makes the sewing task much quicker than stopping after sewing each individual strip to the card. You then just snip the thread in between the cards ready for the next strips to be sewn. My daughter, who is enjoying her sewing at the moment, shared the sewing task with me on these cards.
And here we have the invitations...

And while I was making the invitations, I made the thank you cards as well.

Better get back to party preparations!

Thanks for visiting our blog, and I hope you have a great crafty week.


Fiona x


Tina said...

love your cards. i always do a little sewing on my cards. i usually make 20+ at a time for a card exchange group, so i know what you mean about breaking it down into smaller tasks.

retiredheather said...

Love those invitations. Hope the girls all have loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

So, SO cute! Love those matching thank you notes too! Do you happen to know the name of the font used on the front of the cards?

Jessica said...

Visions of Christmas cards dancing in my head now! Love these, Fiona!

Miki said...

adorable card Fiona! I love how you sewed on it and what a great way to use up scraps. LOVE IT!

Linda Beeson said...

What a great idea - and I just love how you carried it out in mass! LOVE your assembly line idea of sewing.