Monday, November 17, 2008

Make your own button ornaments

Bless those little rugrats of mine who carry tote bags full of germs home to their mom after a long day at school... I found myself with a germ bug this weekend. As a result, the "germ bug" turned me into lazy bones! (ha!) While laying low, I started searching for those festive decor ideas. I found the idea on and had to make my own! I have a gazillion buttons so this was perfect-o! They turned out to be a really fun pass time.

Supplies: wire or floral wire, buttons in choice of colors, needle nose pliers and ribbon(s)
Step 1: Trim a piece of wire to about 9". I used floral wire which has a cloth type of coating. Use the pliers to create a small loop at one end.

Step 2: Thread the buttons on the wire until you get the desired length for the wreath. Mine is just a tad over 2" in diameter. After all the buttons have been added, push the straight end of wire through the looped end and secure. Trim the excess wire.

Step 3: Shape the wreath as desired. Add about 3-4" of ribbon to hang the wreath on a tree or embellish a gift. The ribbon should be added to the twisted wire; it leaves a little gap in the wreath and the ribbon covers that gap, nicely. Then, add another ribbon to accent, if desired.

Again, a photo of my finished ornament. Of course, my Christmas tree is not readily available, yet. So I had to use my faux pine tree- which is covered in feathers

Let the holiday bug bite you, too! (minus the "germ")


Annette said...

What a cute idea to make a button wreath! Your vintage cards are absolutely gorgeous!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Wow - you guys (er... girls!) totally ROCK!!! I blog stalk you all the time and bookmark ideas way more than I actually MAKE ideas... but because you are so amazing - I gave you a Blogger Award on my blog!!!

Now I must go find my button box...

DeeDee said...

This is so cute and fun and most of all....EASY!!!! Hope you feel better soon!! TFS!!

Linda Beeson said...

Perfect use for buttons - wouldn't this make a great kids craft too?

Anabelle said...

This is adorable, Stace! I can't wait to try it.

DizzieNoodle said...

This was such a cute and easy ornament, I think this is what I will have the kids make for the grandparents this year. THANKS!!

Jessica said...

Oh, good grief... as if I even needed another reason to scour the world and purchase every button in it! Geez, Stace... you are only encouraging my addiction!