Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Head over heels for Copics COLOR

Hi My name is Kelly...I have fallen head over heels for Copics markers I am always looking to play with them in new and interesting ways. This Tutorial I have done was to inspire you to play as well. If you do not have Copics do not fear... You can use your color pencils to a softer effect.
This little book started as an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of Shrinky Dink plastic and is now about 3 1/2 x 5.

I started with the supplies above... Shrinky Dink Plastic...Who does not LOVE this stuff.
Prima Paintables....GROWN UP COLORING PAPER!!! and Copic markers and Blender... I have a small collection. I try and add a few here and there as I go. Head over to Ellen Hutson's store she has them as and she is great with shipping. She has a tone of great supplies in her store... Including the airbrush system and supplies you can use with these markers... FUN STUFF!

So My idea was to create a small book cover...
I am not that talented to hand draw all the flowers to scale so I took advantage of the Pattern Prima Paper. I laid it out on my table and line up the Shrinky Dink plastic on the top rough side up. I took my softest shades of my colors I wanted and started to color within the imaginary lines that were coming from beneath. "TIP" a piece of tape to keep it from moving may help.
Once all the soft tones are used gather your more intense shades.

In the above pictures you can see I used the Copics to add emphasis to the edges and shadows and more detailed areas of the leaves and flowers and twigs and swirls.... Remember this is YOUR ART. Use the underlying paper as GUIDE. There is no mistakes!

Then I grabbed my COPIC multiliner... and drew. I drew all the little details and outlines. Taking the paper beneath as a cue and adding in any additional details as needed and making variations to work with my end result.

I now grab my all time favorite Copic item, MY COLORLESS BLENDER. Using your blender start to blend the intense color into the softer shades. The amount of blending you do is up to you. For me it depends on the types of project you are doing.

Using a hole punch, punch holes for your ribbon to bind the book. I used a 1" punch, a 7/8th would work and so would a 1 1/8 inch punch. REMEMBER the holes will shrink as well. A regular hole punch will be too small for ribbon and could possible close depending on the size.
Put in the oven and BAKE at 325 until it SHRINKS, and lays flat again.
Cut your pages as many as you need do the same as above for the back cover of the book. Tie with ribbon. A great unique one of a kind gift you can give to mom, your sister or friend. This could also be done by your kids, for a totally different feel and end result. Pull out your favorite coloring cooks and let them have fun. Add a magnet to the back and create fun fridge art... The Possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Explore them with all the color your heart desires!

I hope you enjoyed this little project... Plase come back and link me to a Shrinky dink color project you do.
Have a great weekend and a WONDERFUL Mothers Day this upcoming weekend.


BethW said...

I love it! And I love your explanation even more-actually makes me feel like I could do this!

Julia Sandvoss said...

Great project Kelly!!! Amazing details and photos too!

Melissa said...

What a gorgeous creation Kelly!

Miki said...

This is absolutely stunning!! I need to repeat 100 times...I do NOT need Copic Markers!!! I don't think it will work because I NEED THESE!! :)

Linda Beeson said...

Another project I would just love to see in real life! I bet the colors are stunning! I need to use my markers more.

Anabelle O'Malley said...

Great idea!!! Who would have thought to use them on Shrinky Dink!! Just love the colors, Kel. :)

DeeDee said...

Wow! BEAUTIFUL project.....TFS!!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh wow this is so cool! What a great little tutorial!!!

Unknown said...

What a great project! I gave you a shout out over at Card of the Week. Check it out... http://www.cardoftheweek.com/2008/05/card-of-the-w-1.html

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


2 Worlds said...

Very clever for the cover , a great job

Stacey S said...

Ingenious! Love the idea and such gorgeous colors too!

Fiona Carter said...

Love your little book, Kelly. Great idea to trace the design. From a lover of shrinky plastic.