Monday, April 6, 2009

A Simple Easter Mantle

Hello, all!

I thought I'd share one of my latest obsessions with you today... simple glass jars. It's been a long time coming as one of my very favorite things to do is go junking! (I'd call it antiquing, but I really don't buy very many true "antiques.") Anyway, glass jars are everywhere to be found while junking, so I've got a cabinet full! We use them to hold everything from our silverware to my ribbons and buttons.

Lately I've been trying to add some larger jars to my collection to use for decorating. I used a few at Christmas to hold some patterned paper cone trees nestled in faux snow... so pretty! I wanted to use the jars again this Easter so I tried to pick some items that would fit in the jars. I found the little faux Fitz houses at Kroger (of all places!) and was hoping that one would fit in the larger jar... no luck. Enter the "moss" covered bunnies and natural looking eggs from Michael's. Much better! I used shredded paper as a base for most of the items, both to lift the items within the jars as well as soften the feel of everything. I love how it turned out and have been enjoying the look for a few weeks now.

I wanted to add in some paper crafted elements, so I raided my stash and found some bunny tags that were sent to me a while back by a friend. I know she received them from another friend, so I can't even credit who made them! I love their vintage look, though, and I think they added the perfect touch.

I also bought some plain kraft eggs to glitter a la Martha Stewart, but in the end decided I didn't need them. We will do the good ol' egg dying thing with the kids, though, so I may do a few with the glittered letters.

I plan on switching the Easter decorations out with sand and shells from our past vacations next. I think I'm going to print up a few pictures in various sizes and tuck them down in the sand with some little notes including the date, place, and a few memories from each trip. I'm thinking of the jars as my new "frames" and having fun coming up with new ways to use them!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Sharon Harnist said...

Beautiful, Jess! I bet your jars were gorgeous for the hoidays, too! GMTA ... I have one of those moss bunnies and nest of eggs on my mantle right now, too!! Love your idea of the sand, shells & photos, too.

bumblesnbees said...

LOVE what you have done!! How beautiful!!

Savor the Journey said...

I just adore this unique setting you've created! "Jars as Frames" ... terrific idea!

Annette D said...

Such pretty vignettes. Thanks for sharing your ideas!