Monday, January 19, 2009

Never say, "oops." Always say, "Ah, interesting."

I love that quote, but I assure you, "Ah, interesting" was not what I uttered when I made this mistake.

I was just minding my own business, puttering along on a little birthday card, thinking "I think it needs some stitching. Yup, riiiiight here" when I did it. Yeah... I sewed my card together. As in, it's not so much a card, persay, when it doesn't open anymore. The opening part is generally important.

So, what is one to do with a card one has sewn together? (Especially when one is a lazy as I am and refuses to remake the whole thing?) One goes, huh... I think a gift card might fit in there. AHA! Brilliant. And that brings us to the next quote...

I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones.
~John Peel

It's my new mantra.

To make the slot for the gift card, just use a circle punch (I punched through both layers because as previously stated, my card was not, um, openable) to create a spot to grab the gift card. You can leave it as is, but I hid mine by putting an embellishment over it and adhering it to the card with a piece of foam tape. The foam tape gives the embellishment the height that is necessary to allow it to slide over the top of the card.

I'm pretty happy with how this little mistake turned out! Here's to many more, ha!


Birthday Wishes card:
Vintage Black Mini Paper by Jenni Bowlin
Card Greetings II Stamps by Green Grass Stamps
Happily Ever After Buttons by Autumn Leaves
Bliss Pattern Paper by My Mind's Eye
Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Charcoal by Clearsnap
Scalloped Circle punch by Martha Stewart Crafts
Other: circle punches, sewing machine


Fran M said...

Cute card and clever idea with the gift card, but Jessica, think outside the box. A card doesn't have to open. My stamping buddies and I have started making more and more "cards" that don't open. It's kind of like making a big tag. Sometimes we punch a hole at the top and add ribbon or maybe two holes, one on each side of the top and add ribbon or wire to hang the "card". You can write on the back just like writing on the inside of a card that opens.

k a r i s a said...

hey jess! i love the use of varying circles & buttons. i've been looking for more creative ideas to use what i have and this is perfect... now if i could just manage to find more time in my day :) chris also got me a sewing machine for christmas so i can't wait to start stiching on my paper projects! right now - i'm trying my hand at making baby blankets for upcoming showers i'm going to.

Linda Beeson said...

I am so laughing because I have done that exact thing even when I tell myself not to!!! LOVE your card.

Sarah said...

Ok you are HILARIOUS!

Here's to more clever mistakes!


lakind said...

Mistakes always lead to perfection! Funny story...cute card!

Stacey S said...

This card ROCKS, Jess! I love it when those "mistakes" turn into creative blessings.

MC said...

That is a really clever fix to the problem - I think it made the card or, gift card holder, more unique!