Monday, January 26, 2009

iValentine project...teenagers, kids of all ages & adults will love this!

Valentine's Day isn't too far away and I have been looking for unique ideas for little gifts to our boys. It is so hard to come up with "cool" things for school age boys for V-day. We don't do anything big in the way of gifts for this particular holiday. I just try to find several small things to give them that let them know they are loved more than they will ever know.
When I saw this idea (below) I knew this was a perfect Valentine for all of my boys! I ended up making for each kiddo and my hubby, too!

All you need to complete this project is:
Box of conversation hearts
2 Reece's Peanut butter cups
string (or DMC floss)
scotch tape
cardstock or patterned paper

To print the "iLove" labels and read more detailed instructions, please follow the link to Family Fun Magazine where you can download the pdf file to print your own labels. You can even change the name of the songs like I did on one of mine. (shown below)

A quick consolidation of the instructions are:
1- Cut about 12" of string and tape one end of the string to the side of the candy box (near the top). Tie a second small strand of string to the main string. (this creates the "Y" in the headphone wires.)
2- Trim a piece of paper or cardstock to measure 4x7". Wrap the paper around the box and secure with adhesive.
3- Trim a circle of foil large enough to cover the Reece's cup. The magazine suggests a 4" circle- I found this to be too much). Wrap each cup with the silver foil.
4- Print and cut out the labels and glue in place.

Click photo for enlarged view

There are all kinds of Valentine's Day projects on the Family Fun website, so if you're searching for other ideas, take a look around. I was really excited to see some unique Valentine's rather than the ordinary store bought cards. A big "thanks" to Family Fun Magazine!


jules p said...

This is a super cute idea. Thanks for telling us and sharing.

Anabelle said...

This is the most adorable project, Stace!!!! Thanks for sharing. ;)

Amanda @ said...

Oh, that is hilarious! Family Fun is so full of great ideas! Thanks for passing it along :)

Amanda @ &

Miki said...

These are super cute Stace!

Chrissy said...

Love this! I've included a link to it in my Vday round-up. Thanks for sharing!

ShirleyCA said...

Thank you for sharing this very clever idea. I made them for my son and grandsons. They were a hit. I had fun making them.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm so doing this. I have many little cousins GLUED to their ipods. Great idea!!!