Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making your own Ink Spritzers

Hello! Kristen here with my el cheapo spray mister idea. Now I love love love all the beautiful misters out there. But I am thrifty- yeah- thrifty sounds good.   

Remember back when walnut inks were all the rage? I do - and I still have some left. I had gotten rid of the wet inks I had- oh I wish I had them back. But they leaked like crazy and created some huge messes.  I had a container of walnut ink crystals left. oh yes I did- and since I was jealous of loving all the beautiful examples I was seeing everywhere, I thought about a way to make some to try out and see how much I would use them before spending our tax refund on every color in the rainbow a few dollars on some.

Now here is what I did- I took a small bottle of hair product that was empty (recycling!) and I added about 3 tablespoons of ink crystals and filled the rest of the bottle with hot water. Wrapped a couple paper towels around it and shook it up really good. ( in case of leaks) and it was ready to use.

 On to my projects..
To use a mask, I simply used a punched out piece of scrap chipboard. 
Cover your surface.

Spray liberally, or lightly depending on your artistic desires.

Remove mask and allow to dry. 

I have also learned that you can use Stamp Reinkers and rubbing alcohol- which dries faster. I tried this with Alcohol Inks and Alcohol and it worked well, they are very saturated colors. 

I also like that I can squirt the bottle slowly and get out some nice big drops and splatters, or mist it quickly for a finer mist coverage.

Some examples of projects I have used this masking technique and my faux ink misters.

This layout I allowed to dry and traced around some of the circles with black pen.

Next, are a couple of cards I created with this technique. You can also spray flowers, chipboard, letters, etc.. with these misters.

Have a great day!


me-bear said...

I LOVE everything that has a cheap sollution for the prizy products in stores!! :D :D

As for the mister, I have used just a dot of acrylic paint in a spray bottle and added water to that...shake well et voila! Thin enough to use as spray paint :D Worked well enough for me :D

Of course it didn't have a shimmer on it like with glimmer mist, but I 've heared liquid pearles make a great glimmer mist.

I love the projects you made with this technique! Thanks for sharing!!

xx Monica

Caroline said...

That is such an awesome idea!! I love trying new stuff on my layouts. I will definitely give this a whirl.



ds4as55 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Steve Finnell said...

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Ashleigh said...

I'm oooing and ahhhing at all of the beautiful paper crafts on your blog! What style and technique. I'm bookmarking to come back for more!

Charlene said...

What fun!! I just bought some walnut crystals, it called for some on a project Im doing but havn't triend them out yet :-) lol!! I love your cards and especially your LO

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I'm a "thrifty" scrapbooker myself so I really liked this post. I had seen a mister for $1 at target that I thought about getting. But your idea of reusing an old bottle is even better.

CraftyKelley said...

I made my own too. I used some alcohol. I made glitter mist too. Super fine glitter, alcohol and a few drops of glue. The alcohol evaporate and doesn't curl the paper as badly.

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