Sunday, April 4, 2010

a quick project

hello, I thought I'd share a quick project with you today.
This notebook was a quick project I created with some Pink Paislee 365 degree collection and a $1 spot cork fronted notebook.
I used the Pink Paislee Press Ons to add my background directly on the cork. It takes the rubons well, but you do need to make sure you really rub them on.

I then continued on using a flip note that I cut in half to add into the spirals. I added some Ocean letters for the word Notes, adding a button tied with twine to the letter O. I also tied on two buttons and looped them around the last spiral to the right.

Next I added this punch out, adding a second smaller one- the finger pointer- underneath the quote.
To make the flower I used the red Ribbon Pleats and a Bella Brad. I wound the ribbon pleat into a circle, bringing the inside pleats up so that they stand up, and added the Brad in the center. Then I hand cut two leaves.

Hope you enjoy my quick craft.


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mustangkayla said...

How fun! Yours looks great!