Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall Pumpkins..Just in Time!

Happy Fall!

Thanksgiving is just one week away however there's still time to make some fall crafts! Perhaps for you Thanksgiving Table or to take for a Hostess gift!

Right now the craft stores have their fall crafts and decorations on sale so it's a great time to head out for some of the supplies seen here today!

Fabric Wrapped Pumpkin
Designer - Julia Sandvoss

Craft Pumpkin
Ormolu "Thanksgiving" Paper Chains
Cricut Diecut Machine - StoryBook Cartridge
Glue Glider Pro Adhesive by Glue Arts
Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Paper
Green Raffia
Colorbox Chalk Ink Olive Pastel
Hot Glue Gun

1) Measure and try out sizes of fabric before cutting. Tie fabric with raffia to secure around pumpkin. Insert straight pins into pumpkin at top to secure into pumpkin.

2) Use Hot Glue Gun to adhere paper chains around pumpkin.

3) Cut out leaves using Die Cut machine or hand cut. Ink edges and leaves before adding to pumpkin. Use Pro Glue Glider and glue leaves onto pumpkin.

4) Cut a small piece from Flutter Butter paper...about 4 by 6. Roll and bend to form stem. Ink edges and hot glue to top of pumpkin.

Fall Cornucopia

Designer - Julia Sandvoss

Cornucopia Basket from Michael's
Fall Fruits & Stems from Michael's
Martha Stewart Glitter - Heliodor & Golden Beryl
Styrofoam Block
Basket Filler
Wood Wire Picks
Hot Glue Gun

1) First hot glue wood wire picks onto bottoms of fall fruits, pumpkins, pinecones and such that you're going to use. Once a few items to glitter.
2) Using Martha Stewart glitter glue paint the items that you plan to glitter. Use a glitter tray or paper plate under your item. Heavily glitter items shaking excess onto tray. Return excess glitter to's too pretty and expensive to waste! Allow items to set.
3) Insert styrofoam block into basket. Trim to fit so it covers the basket inside opening.
4) Start adding fall picks, fruit and pumpkin picks keeping shorter items in front.
5) Add in basket fill to cover any open spots.
6) Tie raffia around basket. Hot glue leaves onto front.

Fabric Stuffed Pumpkin
Designer - Julia Sandvoss

Poly Filler
Pumpkin Stem
Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Paper
Pro Glue Glider Adhesive by Glue Arts
Cricut Die Cut Machine - Accent Essentials Cartridge
Straight Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Colorbox Chalk Inks - Olive Pastel

1)Pick a fall fabric. Cut about a 16 by 16 inch square. I placed the poly fill in the center of the fabric first, wrapped it up and then saw how much fabric I needed before cutting.
2)Once you have cut the fabric, fold and wrap it to create a pumpkin shape. I secured it at the top with pins. You're welcome to use a sewing machine.
3)Cut a base piece for the stem to sit on out of the paper. I traced a shape slightly larger than the pumpkin stem.
3) Then Hot Glue the stem to the paper base and the base to the fabric.
4) Cut out 11 2-3 inch leaves leaves using die cut machine. You can hand cut these too. Ink edges and adhere to paper base.
5)Cut 5 smaller 1 1/2 inch leaves, ink edges, crimp a bit and then adhere to leaves.
6) Tie raffia around stem.

Happy Fall!! and Thanksgiving to You!!

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Juliana said...

These are really great projects Julia! I especially love the fabric pumpkin!